8 Ways to Use a Podcast to Grow Your Business

There are many ways to use a podcast to grow your business.

A podcast can contribute to your business growth tremendously. Here are eight specific ways you can use your podcast to your business advantage.

1. Establish Trust as an Expert in Your Field

Talk about what you know, and speak confidently about it. Once your listeners realize they can bank on the solid information you're providing them, they'll trust you. People buy from the companies they trust. Make sure to keep your podcast relevant to your brand, and listeners will be able to easily associate the quality content with the quality of your brand.

2. Keep Your Content Relevant. 

Want to drive traffic to your podcast, which essentially drives traffic to your brand? Talk about things that are relevant to your business, your listeners' needs, and current events. Tie the information to what's going on in the world right now, and you'll draw more listeners. By keeping the content fresh, you build a relationship...

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Maximizing the Power of Podcasting for Your Business

The power of podcasting is an opportunity you can maximize for your business.

Not that long ago, few people had even heard about podcasts. Now, podcasting is on the rise, and there are many ways you can ride that wave of opportunity to benefit your business.

Here are a few ways your business can benefit from podcasting:

Every month, 116 million people listen to a podcast, according to data collected by a 2021 study called The Infinite Dial. Smart Speakers such as Google Home and Amazon's Echo Dot have contributed to this, and smartphones have contributed to this number even more so. Weekly podcast listeners consume 8 podcasts per week. Wouldn't it be great to be among the content consumed by these podcast devotees? This high level of engagement provides a smart opportunity to connect with listeners as a way to promote your business.

To get a strong start on your podcast, you'll need to:

Set a goal.

You'll want to ask yourself a few questions. How do you want to impact others...

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Tools Needed to Start Your Podcast

What tools do I need to start a podcast?

Starting a podcast can be done using simple tools you already have. It's worth it, however, to make sure you have the right equipment to get the best quality audio as possible.

The things you'll need to start a podcast are:

1. Equipment
2. Audio Editing software
3. Subscription to podcast platform
4. Intro/outro music (suggested, but not mandatory)
5. Setup/Management of the podcast


One of the most important (and toughest) choice you'll make when starting a podcast is choosing the right equipment. Ask a handful of podcasters what equipment they use, and you'll likely get a different answer from each one. It really boils down to preference, quality, and budget. 

I've known podcasters who got a strong start by simply recording on their phone. The sound quality was decent, and their message was launched. iPhone users usually have Garage Band already installed on their phone for audio recording and editing. Android users...
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Why Do I Need a Podcast for My Business?

 Why do I need a podcast for my business?

Starting a podcast for your business can be a powerful marketing tool that allows you to broaden your reach and make connections with people by providing them with helpful information.

It seems like everyone is talking about a podcast they’ve listened to recently, and how it positively impacted their thinking. Podcasts are a rapidly growing industry, and for good reason. Podcasts contain valuable information that can hook your audience and allow them to view your brand in a fresh, new light. If you’ve wondered whether or not you should start your own podcast, here are six reasons why launching a podcast would greatly benefit your business.

Increase brand awareness.

When your target audience finds value in your podcast, you are able to reach them and connect with them in an authentic, organic way. You are given a chance to offer enjoyable and helpful information as an expert in your field, and the listener will come back...

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Digital Marketing Implementation for 2021

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021

Digital Marketing Implementation

We welcome you back to our series on Digital Marketing. In previous blog posts, we've introduced Strategy and Planning. If you have time, we suggest you begin with Digital Marketing Strategies, the 7 Pillars of 2021.

Today we will get to the details of executing a plan. If you've missed that post, you can go back and read What is a Digital Marketing Plan, here. Both past blog posts will give you the information you need to start your business marketing plan. 


A Big Plan Starts with Small Steps

For most of any digital marketing plan, deciding on how you will get the information into the hands of your target market is the first step.

A few things we suggest as "must-haves" are:

  • A Google My Business Page
  • A User-Friendly Website
  • A Facebook Business Page

These three suggestions are the very basic modes of how your target audience in your community will find your business. We have a series on Google My Business, you can start with:


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What Is a Digital Marketing Plan for 2021

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

Last week we answered the question of what a digital marketing strategy is with the seven pillars of 2021.

The seven pillars we touched on included identifying who you are. A business needs a specific, clear, and concise definition. If you are all over the place and offer a multitude of services, you may not realize that you are giving the impression that you're not very good at one or two things, but ok at many. 

Focusing on a couple of services rather than a broad range gives prospective clients or customers the confidence that you offer expertise. To read what the other six pillars are, we recommend going back and revisiting the 7 Pillars of a Digital Marketing Strategy, you may want to familiarize yourself with them as you begin to formulate your marketing plan. 

What is the difference between a digital marketing strategy and a plan? 

We are glad you asked!

digital marketing strategy is a plan...

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What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? The 7 Pillars of 2021

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Learning how to sell smart and build trust with a Digital Marketing Strategy includes seven pillars. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap

Inbound marketing is built within a digital marketing strategy for today's markets that builds a foundation of trust and open communication between the seller/business and the buyer/client with seven pillars. 

Do you cringe when your phone rings and the caller ID is SPAM?

Telemarketing is a type of marketing that is most referred to as annoying but the real definition is outbound marketing. The goal is to interrupt and grab a person's attention. 

This type of marketing includes popup ads on social media or commercials on television. The commercials or ads can be loud and flashy. Once upon a time accompanying jingles would stick in your head like glue.

The thought process behind this method was to influence buyers subconsciously.

But does it really work?

Inbound marketing or Permission marketing...

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How to Set Up Your Google My Business For Success 2021


Make these tasks a priority to set up your Google My Business for success. They will make a huge difference in Search Engine Optimization (being found) and engagement (knowing). In other words, these tasks will help you get more business.


Image Matters

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is very true when it comes to the success of your business. Images improve any Google search results by 28%.

Be picky about the images you place on a page. Remember, you want to put your best foot forward. Take pictures of your business location and building, both inside and outside. Add pictures of your products and services. Don't put images online of your customers or clients or anyone else without permission. 

Do take as many pictures as you can. Creating an open policy of encouraging customers and clients to add their own, is also a positive.

Here are a few tips for images and increasing your Google My...

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Digital Marketing for Authors - Getting Ready for the 2021 SCWC Conference

We are interrupting our series on Google My Business with a special announcement. Mitzi Jane Media will be leading a class for authors and writers in conjunction with the 2021 Southern Christian Writer's Conference June 4-5. 

Don't miss out and sign up here > Southern Christian Writer's Conference 2021

If you've ever struggled with building your online brand as a writer, this class will introduce you to several important steps in getting started, time management, and your best platform. 

When developing a digital marketing plan, you need to incorporate a plan to reach your target market, decide what you can offer them, and discover where they are hanging out. 

Not All Brands Are The Same

Take the fast-food industry. There are many which serve the same type of food but it's all packaged differently. Fans of each of those brands would say their fast-food restaurant is the best, simply based on their tastes, location, price, availability, and so on.

Not all...

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How to Claim My Business with Google My Business 2021

Last week we discussed setting up your Google My Business Page. This week we will continue our series with Claiming Google My Business Page.

Why Claim My Google My Business Profile

  1. Control of Information: By claiming your business profile, you are controlling the information that Google displays. You are able to provide the best most accurate information and will be able to verify and edit the information about your business as needed.
  2. Customer Reviews: With a Google My Business page, as the owner, the customer reviews come to you. With each review, your profile will be notified. This in turn provides you an opportunity to interact with your reviewers. You will not only be able to respond to your reviews but monitor them. This is a great resource for your business.
  3. Geographical Searches: As we touched on in our previous blog post, 90% of all local purchases are made after a Google search. You want your products or services to be listed in those searches. If your business can't...
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